While in 1995 Schengen became famous all over Europe because of the treaties that bear its name, the charming village has also in the past attracted many visitors.

In 1792, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe stopped by, while in 1871 Victor Hugo stayed in the castle of Schengen built in 1812. Since 2010 an hotel.

The Caves du Sud, located in Remerschen, have the capacity to store more than 6,5 million liters of wine coming from the Markusberg, the Kreitzberg and the Felsberg.

A large pond with a major sports and recreation area, and hiking trails and Nordic Walking trails guarantee healthy outdoor activities for the whole family. In the church dedicated to St. Sebastian, beautiful frescoes were created by Ignatius Millim in the 18thcentury.

The large natural reserve of “Haff Réimech” invites you to discover its ponds with their exceptional wild flowers and wildlife.


Tourist Info/ Centre Européen
rue Robert Goebbels
L – 5444 Schengen
Tel : +352 26 66 58 10

Heures d’ouverture :
Mardi – Vendredi  de 10 – 18 hrs
Samedi, Dimanche et jours fériés de 11 – 18hrs


Syndicat d’Initiative et de Tourisme Schengen   ( adresse postale)
B.P. 20
L – 5506 Remerschen