Tracing back its origins to the Celts, Stadtbredimus also has a remarkable Roman past: a well restored pillar reminds us of the Roman bridge that linked Stadtbredimus to Palzem.

Stadtbredimus also has a beautiful 15thcentury castle that was the home of Edmond de la Fontaine, Luxembourg’s national poet and playwright, known under the name of Dicks. Today, the castle of Stadtbredimushosts the head offices of Vinsmoselle and of the St. Cunibert Fraternity.

Lovely hiking and walking trails through woods and vineyards lead to impressive viewpoints. A special attraction is the luxurious MS “Princesse Marie-Astrid”, which takes you on beautiful excursions on the river and which you can board in Stadtbredimus.

The second weekend in August, Stadtbredimus hosts its renowned “Wine-Festival” with its speciality, the “Picadilly” of the Luxembourg Moselle. On the 15thof August, the small village of Greiveldingenlures many visitors to its traditional village fair held in honour of the Virgin Mary.


Syndicat d’Initiative et de Tourisme Stadtbredimus(adresse postale)
3, Schmattegässel
L-5451 Stadtbredimus


Gréiweldënger Léit(adresse postale)
2, Klappegaass
L-5426 Greiveldange