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Wine Museum

Kids in groups

CHILDREN IN GROUPS (schools, day-care centers, birthdays, animations...)

The Wine Museum is actually closed for renovation.

An educational and instructive concept will be offered which is fun & special for children in groups (minimum 20 kids).

Workshop for "LITTLE NOSES" : «Discovery of aromas» :

  • Workshop enabling little noses to recognize different aromas.

"EAUNOLOGY" Workshop : « Discovery of flavours and taste»

  • Sweet
  • Salty
  • Acid
  • Bitter
  • Sparkeling …

"LITTLE ARTISTS" Workshop : « Label creation of grape juice»

  • Introducing panpastels
  • A bottle of grappe juice is offered at the end of the workshop.

Workshop for "LITTLE JUICE SOMMELIERS" : Tasting juices

Meet our friends the Eyes, Mister Nose & Mrs Mouth

Educational tasting of 7 grape juices and "surprise juices"

Fun experience

Supervision by Anne-Catherine Mondloch (Degree in Sensory Analysis)

minimum 20 children (minimum age 6 years)