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Wine Museum

Individual visit

The Wine Museum is actually closed for renovation.


  • Price per adult : 3,50 € including a glass of wine
  • Price per child: 1,50 € (-15 years) including a glass of juice
  • Guided visit upon request: 60,- € (nearly 1 hour 30)
"Luxembourg card" => Free Admission

From plantation to tasting

The buildings of the Wine Museum face the Moselle, lie at the edge of a picturesque village and at the foot of hills planted with known wines.

Thanks to an important collection of tools and utensils donated or generously lent by several inhabitants of Ehnen and surroundings, thanks to photographic documents, the visitor can imagine how the various works in viticulture and in viniculture were done while passing through two halls set in ancient winery. Furthermore, the visitor can go into a model vineyard where the various vines are planted one next to each other and imagine which were the auxiliary jobs to the job of the winemaker. The visitor will also access a cooperage, a blacksmith and a gauging office.

The tasting of a good Moselle vintage will crown this informative and pleasant visit.

I. The works of the vine (photos and tools)

Rest of the vine: harvest of wicker, uprooting of vines, stone removal, trenching and soil preparation for the replantation, fabrication, treatment and battering of the stakes,(picks, plug-stakes, pruning hooks)

Cutting the vines, vine shoot, (secateurs)

Fertilization and tillage (wine utensils and machines: hoods, plows and winches...)

Fight against spring frosts (oil burners, producing smoke, spray sprinklers...)

Fights against parasites of the vine (knapsack and motor sprayers, pressure pumps, sulfate)

II. The wine production (photos & tools)

Harvest and pressing of the grapes (buckets, baskets, tanks, shovels, mills, various presses...)

Vinification (wine jugs, funnels, pumps, valves,strainers, buckets....)

Rinsing bottels.

Bottling (devices for parchment, to bottle, and to put the capsules....)

Various specimen of wine bottles

Historical episode: the vine and wine in antiquity and during the Middle Age (original objects and photographic reproductions)

II. Vine model

The vineyard shows the main grapes of the Luxemburgish Moselle ( Elbling, Rivaner, Auxerrois, Pinot blanc, Pinot gris, Riesling, Traminer)


V. Annexes

A Moselle cooperage

Installation for gauging barrels ( from Ehnen)

Forges of blacksmiths from Machtum and Syren.

Ancient means of transportation.

. Distilleries

. Agriculture